Visit to Alma mater

I have wanted to write this down for a long time and finally it is here.

A visit to one’s Alma mater is always special. Last December I went to IISER- Mohali after a long gap of three years. Time changes a lot of things. So much has changed in three years that I could not recognize this place. Roads have replaced mud and gravel paths. A lot more concrete building have come up. Coffee day counter has taken the place of our canteen ka thela. It is good to see how the campus changed and is completing its blueprint fast. We (my batch of 2009) moved to Mohali campus when there were not many buildings, roads, or for that matter anything but just a big piece of land with two hostel blocks. Now that empty piece of land has so much, it’s a society in itself now. This change provoked a strange feeling in me, as if I do not know this place anymore, but it changed in next few hours, which I spent there.

A few friends at IISER who are doing their graduate studies and thought of meeting them cherished me. As soon as I reached campus, I called them up and headed directly to department to meet them. Distance of 200m from parking to department took more time than expected. Spent some two hours just outside the gate of department, meeting a lot of people both familiar and some new faces. Meeting all of them made me realize that maybe a lot has physically changed on campus, but this campus is one thread which unites us, the people. I spent five wonderful years of my youth here, made and shared memories with my friends, and meeting them took me back in time. I was back to my hostel days and I belonged here. We spent a wonderful evening roaming around campus and night just got over in our conversations, we slept after dawn. One night was not enough for our conversations, but sadly I had to leave next morning.


It was a really short visit, but I was happy I came here. While leaving I had same nostalgic feeling which I had four years ago when I packed my bags and finally left my hostel life with a heavy heart.

Now, one of my friend has submitted her thesis. I am happy that I met her during my visit.

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