Summer is vacation time

Here comes the summer time and a reason to go on a vacation. This June, we went on a long family vacation to Ireland. It is a small and beautiful island country in northern Atlantic Ocean. Area wise it is much bigger than Delhi (maybe twice or thrice the size), but population wise it is half the size of Delhi, so you see less people around you. Summers are pleasant in Ireland and hence a good escape from Delhi heat. We were staying in Dublin and going around most of the southern Ireland, which has many beautiful beaches and scenic view of Wicklow Mountains, which forms the largest upland area in country.

We found Dublin to be very peaceful city with plenty of options for recreation, good coffee and Guinness. Liffey river separates the southern and northern half of Dublin, with southern part being the major places of attraction. City centre has Dublin castle, museums, shopping area, nice restaurants, pubs and cafes with most famous being the Temple Bar, which is the oldest pub in Dublin. We did several road trips around the Dublin city. We visited wicklow, which is famous for beautiful lakes in between mountain ranges; the views of lakes are spectacular and mesmerizing. On our way back, we had a quick stop in bray from where you can witness the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy its beauty. One will get to see beautiful Atlantic Ocean from any coast of Ireland, so we visited some more cities like Malahide, Dunlaoghaire, Bray etc., which have beautiful beaches to enjoy sunsets and ocean. Country also have a lot of cultural and historical tourist attraction like museums and castles. We visited Kilkenny that is famous for castle and its own brew of beer, enjoyed both thoroughly.

Overall, this vacation was very relaxing and fun filled time with family. Sharing few pictures of same.

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