City of Ruins – Hampi

Hampi is an ancient village in Karnataka, about 380km north of Bengaluru. This use to be the capital of one of the prominent Hindu empire of Vijayanagara from 14th to 16th Century. By 1500 CE, Hampi-Vijayanagara was the world’s second-largest medieval-era city after Beijing and probably India’s richest at that time. Hampi city used to be one major attraction for travelers between 14-16th century as reflected by text and literature of Hampi. The Vijayanagara Empire was defeated by a coalition of Muslim sultanates in the battle of Talikota in January 1565. After the defeat, Muslims destroyed temples and other monuments leaving the city in in ruins, which is the major attraction for tourism. Group of monuments at Hampi are now in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Hampi is situated at the banks of River Tungabhadra, which divides the region in two halves, the southern one being the main tourist attraction having most of the Hampi monuments and at the north of river exists other small ancient villages and other monuments. Hampi is set in rocky terrain with huge boulders all around and beautiful Tungabhadra River.

We recently went on an extended weekend trip to this beautiful place, which is full of mystic charm, and you feel as if you are travelling back in time. The architecture excellence and way ahead of time.  Dravidian style temples and musical pillars in temples are both beautiful and majestic. Two of my favorite were 4.6 meters tall Ganesha idol and 6.7 meters tall Narsimha statue, which are carved out of a single rock.

This group of monuments consist of many beautiful temples and places like Kings’ balance, a Queen’s bath and palaces, but the King’s Palace is not there to be recognized. The King’s palace was most in the ruins and probably the one, which was, damaged the most after the battle of Talikota

Visiting this city gave me a vibes that things do not remain forever, but legacy stays. There is beauty even in ruins

Sharing postcards from Hampi

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