Sailing Covid waves : Motherhood and entrepreneurship

During the peak of the second wave (delta strain), I found out that I was pregnant. We were on cloud nine and were planning our first OB-GYN visit. But the virus had different plans for us as my husband got down with Covid19. His health fluctuated over the next ten 10 days with symptoms of high fever, cough, loss of taste and smell. The next few weeks became stressful for us. As it was my first trimester, I was going through severe nausea and was worried about the health of our unborn. My husband recovered in home isolation while I managed to escape the virus. During this period, we remained positive and sailed the wave. But this made our first appointment delayed. We got to see our baby’s heartbeat at ten weeks which was a magnificent experience. My husband is a developmental biologist, used to seeing a lot of embryos, but when he saw our unborn child, he was so lost in the ultrasound scan; that he was unable to fill a simple hospital form.As we left the hospital that day, our life had changed seeing our unborn and listening to that heartbeat.

The next few months, I focussed on my health and startup, getting major tasks done before taking the maternity break. I worked tirelessly throughout the pregnancy, even visiting warehouses till the seventh month. When I was 8month pregnant, we got the opportunity to pitch at Shark Tank India on Sony TV ( I traveled 2000km via road for shooting and pitching Qzense to Sharks. We declined the fundraising offer on the show, as we know the worth of what we are solving and building; the shark’s investment offer did not match our expectations. Nevertheless, It was an enriching experience to meet a lot of budding entrepreneurs. It was especially encouraging to meet many women entrepreneurs and the Shark Tank India crew, which was also led by women.

After returning from the shoot, I focussed on my startup as my maternity break was approaching. During the 38th week, I decided to take work from home. My team showered me with their lovely blessing and delicious pre-Christmas lunch. Next week, I went into labor and gave birth to an adorable boy via c-section. Ironically, when the Shark Tank India episode aired on TV, I was in the hospital recovering and preparing to bring my baby home. I did not see the show, but I remember wishes pouring in from friends and family.

We returned home with our little bundle of joy and celebrated his first festival, Christmas. I was personally recovering well from the surgery, healing with each passing day and bonding with my infant. My maternity break was going well, but I could not resist work. So after two weeks, I resumed work from home.

As I was enjoying this new phase, coronavirus had different plans. The third wave (omicron) made me nervous as the newborn was just a few weeks old. We took all possible measures to stay safe, but Covid made its way into our home again. Everyone in the family got the coronavirus disease. I had a high fever for three days and a severe cough. I am exclusively breastfeeding, so I was worried about his health, but the little wonder remained healthy and did not show any symptoms. Again we sailed through the third wave and came out strong. The baby is growing stronger and getting naughtier with each passing day.

I love being a mother and an entrepreneur, rocking at both. I have now resumed office. My in-laws are pillars of strength at home, taking care of my little one. At work, I have support from my friend and cofounder Rubal. When I am in the office, I maximize my time utilization for more productivity. I love spending all the time I get at home with my boy; sometimes, he even attends my WFH meetings. He happily hugs and sits on/with me while I take calls.

Now hoping that no more Coronavirus waves will come and we will happily grow into a lovely family both personally and professionally

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