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  • Sailing Covid waves : Motherhood and entrepreneurship

    Sailing Covid waves : Motherhood and entrepreneurship

    During the peak of the second wave (delta strain), I found out that I was pregnant. We were on cloud nine and were planning our first OB-GYN visit. But the virus had different plans for us as my husband got down with Covid19. His health fluctuated over the next ten 10 days with symptoms of […]

  • Coronavirus: Community Transmission and Herd Immunity

    Coronavirus: Community Transmission and Herd Immunity

    Many countries went in lockdown mode as early as in the stages of community spread of Covid19, to keep the number of cases low. Lockdown has eased now in many parts of the world as we need to recover from the economic impact of it. But the ease of work means a higher progression leading […]

  • Coronavirus: What is/will be “New Normal” ?

    I have had many discussions with friends and family on how long will we be living like this? Under lockdown, quarantine, restricted travel, long ques for groceries and essential, always wearing masks, limited entertainment, no movie dates or dinner dates, always sanitizing surfaces, thermal scans everywhere, etc. But most importantly with fear of falling sick […]

  • Coronavirus- Flatten the Curve

    Coronavirus- Flatten the Curve

    In my previous blog, I talked about Cornonviruses and COVID19 in general. I touched three major diseases- SARS2002, MERS-2012, COVID19, and how Covid19 is unique. For this blog, I will talk about what does it mean to “flatten the curve”. To understand this, first, I will explain the symptoms and spread of this virus. This […]

  • Coronavirus : An Introduction

    Coronavirus : An Introduction

    As the whole world is under lockdown due to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19), I am writing this blog about the virus. Trust me, I am a biologist and will try to provide only scientific proven facts. So, all (or most) of us have seen in news and media that Covid 19 is a deadly virus […]