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  • Sailing Covid waves : Motherhood and entrepreneurship

    Sailing Covid waves : Motherhood and entrepreneurship

    During the peak of the second wave (delta strain), I found out that I was pregnant. We were on cloud nine and were planning our first OB-GYN visit. But the virus had different plans for us as my husband got down with Covid19. His health fluctuated over the next ten 10 days with symptoms of […]

  • The tale of metamorphosis, Batra srishtensis

    The tale of metamorphosis, Batra srishtensis

    Originally posted on NICE:
    This week was very special for the NICE lab as the first student from the lab, Srishti Batra, metamorphosed into Dr. Srishti Batra by successfully defending her thesis. As part of her PhD, she worked on a promiscuous volatile, extracted from Artimesia plant, named coffee furanone and showed its function in…

  • How I met the world of research: A personal blog of my research journey

    Originally posted on NICE:
    by Srishti Batra – My thesis defense last year marked a milestone in my decade-long research studies. Wait, I didn’t spend 10 years doing a PhD! I spent only 5 and the other half was spent on a Bachelors and Masters of Science (BS- MS) from Indian Institute of Science Education and…

  • Visit to Alma mater

    I have wanted to write this down for a long time and finally it is here. A visit to one’s Alma mater is always special. Last December I went to IISER- Mohali after a long gap of three years. Time changes a lot of things. So much has changed in three years that I could […]