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  • ECRO 2019

    Recently I had an opportunity to present at European Chemoreception Research Organisation ECRO2019 meeting. The meeting was hosted by SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) and International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in the beautiful city of Trieste, Italy. I had been to this city previously and its always a pleasure to come back to ICTP, which […]

  • Best Poster Award!

    Best Poster Award!

    Originally posted on NICE:
    Congratulations to Srishti Batra for winning Best Poster Award at this year’s Annual Talks! The NICE group is so proud of you!  Here are a few highlights from the meeting: Srishti with her poster Geetha presenting her poster Aditi with her poster Anshika explaining her poster Lab Dinner with Prof. Gabrielle…

  • Super Blue Blood-Moon 2018

    Jan 31 witnessed a rear astronomical event. We got to see blue, blood and supermoon together on a single day. Sharing pictures of blood moon (total lunar eclipse) and supermoon in transit.

  • Conferences for year 2017

    This year I had opportunity to attend two amazing international conferences one on Olfaction which was held at ICTP, Italy in July and the other one was International conference for chemical ecology held at Kyoto, Japan in August. The first one was a very specialized meeting on olfaction and focused on olfactory coding, perception, olfactory […]

  • Indian plain tiger butterfly emerging from chrysalis

    I recently made a video of emergence of Indian plain tiger butterfly, Danaus chrysippus in our lab. This video was made with help of few friends in lab. It’s real time 1080P video. Youtube link of video is here :